PPWorkshops are a great way for performers to learn more about the mental skills it takes to perform at their full potential.   In a group setting, performers can quickly realize and understand that they are not alone in their feelings of fear, doubt, or anxiety about performing.

The following are descriptions for sessions of varying lengths and on a variety of topics that can be tailored to your performance needs.  Since each performer has a unique set of strengths and challenges, workshops are designed to involve participants in an interactive exercises and activities that help them really personalize valuable mental skills information and strategies.  We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment of sharing and learning.  All sessions conclude with a brief question and answer period.

If what you need or want is not addressed below, please contact me and we will work with you to design a workshop to suit your specific needs.

Turn Your Performance Anxiety into Performance Excitement (120 min)

This presentation provides a broad overview of the elements that detract from and lead to peak performance.  Participants will engage in discussion and exercises designed to develop a better focus, a positive performance mindset as well as specific strategies for pre-performance preparation, effectively dealing with distractions, eliminating negative thoughts during performance and practice activities.

Focus On What Matters (60 min)

This presentation discusses the need for a present focus and the ability to shift focus when faced with distractions and doubt.  Participants will explore the various things that pull their focus off of what it takes to perform their best and develop effective strategies for shifting focus performance cues—what it takes to perform well in the moment—and away from doubt and other distractions that adversely affect the quality and enjoyment of performance.

Achieving and Maintaining an Optimal Mindset (60 min)

We have a mindset about everything we do—including our performing.  If you don’t manage your mindset, it will manage YOU!This interactive session provides the participant with an overview of the essential elements for an optimal performance mindset and the strategies for creating and maintaining this attitude.

Confidence and the Confidence-Expectations Connection (60 min)

Most performers believe that expecting to play well in performance, win an audition, or place in a competition means they have confidence they will.  This just isn’t true.   This session explains how we achieve and maintain confidence and how expectations can suck the life and joy out of our performing.  Participants will learn how to replace strict expectations with in-the-moment performance cues.

Practice vs. Performance Skills—What’s the Diff? (60 min)

As performers we need both the ability to practice and perform well.  It comes as a surprise to many that these two types of skills are very different.  This session helps the participant differentiate between the skills needed to be a good practicer and those needed to be a good performer and why we need to develop and improve both!

Put the Play back in your Playing (60 min)

Harvard psychologist, Ellen Langer’s recent studies on mindfulness and the effects of mindfulness on aging have shown how being mindful—actively engaging in the present, noticing new things, and becoming more sensitive to context—results in greater competence, a decrease in accidents and mistakes, an increase in memory, creativity, and positive affect, and a decrease in stress and anxiety.  In this session we will discuss how the mindful approach is a playful one and how cultivating a playful mindset can inform our performing in an enjoyable and effective way.

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Dr. Allan’s Recent Presentations:  

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March 2016
Stephen F. Austin State University
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Shanghai Conservatory of Music
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Current Vocal Pedagogy 
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2nd Sino-USA Music Education Summit Forum
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China Conservatory and Xi’an Conservatory
Beijing, China and Xi’an, China
October 2014
Great Plains Chapter NATS
Mental Strategies  for Peak Performance
Master Class
Abilene, TX
September 2014
NATS National Convention
What Mental Skills  do Performers Need and How do they get them?
Boston, MA
July 2014
California State University-Fullerton
Preparing for Peak Performance
Master Class
Fullerton, CA
April 2014
Del Mar College
Mindful Performing
Master Class
Corpus Christi, TX
March 2014
University of Texas-Pan American
Peak Performance:  What Musicians Need to Know
Master Class
Edinburg, TX
February 2014
Central Washington University 
Mental Skills for Peak Performing
Mental Skills Training
Master Class
Ellensburg, WA
January 2014
University of Texas at Brownsville
Confident Performing
Master Class
Brownsville, TX
September 2013
Phenomenon of Singing Symposium IX
The Empowered Singer:  Singing My Best When it Matters Most
St. Johns, Newfoundland
July 2013
UTSA All-State Choir Camp
What All-Staters Can Learn from the San Antonio SPURS!
University of Texas at San Antonio
June 2013
Baylor Lyceum Series
Performing Your Best When it Matters Most:  Mental Strategies for Fearless Performing 
Baylor University
February 2013
Power Performance for Singers:  Body, Mind, Spirit
Mind the Gaps—Rethinking the Mind/Body Connection Pt. I
Mind the Gaps—Rethinking the Mind/Body Connection Pt. II
NATS Winter Workshop
January  2013
Texoma NATS Region Conference
Empowering Performers:  What Can I Do?
University of North Texas
November 2012
Southern Methodist University
What Drives You:  Being Good or Getting Better?
November 2012
South Texas NATS Fall Meeting
The Performer’s Mindset
University of the Incarnate Word
October 2012
Musica Sacra San Antonio
Mental Skills Toolkit CE (Choral Edition)
August 2012
Butler Opera Center Young Artist Program
Mental Skills that Lead to Peak Performance
University of Texas at Austin
June 2012
Boise State University
Keep Calm and Focus On:  Mental Skills Training for Music Majors
Boise, ID
March 2012
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