Onsite/Virtual Coaching?

Through Dr. Allan’s personalized peak performance coaching programs you will:

  • Identify behaviors and attitudes that prevent you from performing your best.
  • Excel by mastering the mental strategies to take you to the next level.
  • Learn peak performance routines that successful performers use.
  • Understand how to improve practice efficiency.

All One-on-One Peak Performance Coaching Programs include:

  • Assessment: Musician’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (MMAP) used to identify mental game challenges.
  • Mental Game Plan: Consultation with Dr. Allan to kick start your program and design the custom program to suit your specific performing needs and challenges.
  • Performance Coaching: Four hours of coaching per month (in person or via phone).
  • Application: You will receive hands-on training to apply the mental skills you improve and learn.
  • Follow-Up: Programs are designed to enable you to practice and use mental skills effectively during training and after training is complete.
Peak Performance Coaching Options:
  • Onsite: San Antonio, Texas
  • Worldwide: At Peak Performance for Musicians we work with performers from all over the world via Skype, Facetime, or telephone.

Available to both onsite and virtual programs:

  • Unlimited email correspondence directly with Dr. Allan.
  • Free copies of performance enhancement handouts.

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