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Peak Performance in Music


PERFORM your best when it really counts, EXCEED the limits that are holding you back, and EXCEL at what you are most passionate about. Performing your best when it really counts is a learned skill. You can learn to:


  • Increase your confidence and trust in your abilities!
  • Improve your concentration under pressure!
  • Improve your ability to cope with mistakes!
  • Perform as well and as easily as you practice!


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Music Performance Anxiety

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Protected: What Mental Skills Do Performers Need?

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … Read>>


Ineffective Beliefs Performers Have and How to Change Them

Last time, in Five Silly Beliefs Performers Have, we discussed five silly or irrational beliefs that … Read>>

Path of Life

Five Silly Beliefs Performers Have

Performers are no different than other people.  We believe silly, even irrational things … Read>>

Vulnerable Singer

Daring Greatly—The Vulnerable Performer

I recently watched Brené Brown’s 2012 TEDTalk called Listening to Shame.  I am one of 2,785,867 … Read>>


The Beauty of Performing—Commit To It!

People will be impressed if you play or sing well, but something far more important can happen when … Read>>

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Music Performance Anxiety Articles

Music Performance Anxiety Articles
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