Coaching Process

Each of Dr. Allan’s coaching programs are custom designed and based on individual needs. Every program involves the following:

  • Assessment: An MMAP (Musician’s Mental Aptitude Profile) is performed to determine the musician’s goals and challenges.
  • Discovery: Follow-up questions are used to “dig a little deeper” and develop a better understanding of the goals and challenges of the musician.
  • Peak Performance Plan: A mental game plan or outline of performance needs is developed.
  • Peak Performance Coaching: Strategies are developed to help the musician improve areas identified in the peak performance plan.
  • Performance Application: The musician is taught how to use the new mental skills in the practice room, on the concert hall, or on the stage.
  • Follow-Up: Each program is designed to help the musician commit to peak performance training and to succeed after coaching is completed.

All programs also include:

  • Unlimited e-mail communication.
  • Regularly scheduled in-person or virtual sessions.
  • Homework assignments submitted by the performer with feedback from by Dr. Allan.
  • In-person or video evaluation of performance in the practice room, concert hall, or stage.

How long will it take?

Just as the habits, beliefs, and fears that cause you to perform tentatively, fearfully, or at disappointing levels did not develop overnight, many of the skills we will be working on will take time to develop. Learning to let go of ineffective habits and beliefs and learning the mental skills that will lead to optimal performing is a process.

Again, how long will it take? We generally meet with clients on a weekly basis. The more work you are able to accomplish between sessions, the more quickly you are likely to see changes in your performing.

Who do I coach?

Clients range from advanced high school and university-level students to professional orchestra principals, and seasoned vocal and instrumental performers. Any musician who wants to improve performance is likely to benefit from peak performance coaching.

How do we talk?

Whether we meet onsite in San Antonio, Texas or we use Skype, FaceTime, or some other video conferencing service, setting up a face-to-face coaching session is pretty easy. Within seconds, you and I can be having a face-to-face conversation or I can begin observing and giving you feedback on your performing.

In the event that it is impossible for us to meet face-to-face, we can meet over the phone and by email.

If you would like to see if coaching is for you, take a few minutes to download and complete a one-page assessment.

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