Improving Self-Confidence for Musicians!

When was the last time you updated your performance resume? Likely you are in the habit of keeping your resume up to date with your most important and impressive performances listed in chronological order.  Your resume is a one-page reflection of your experience and success.

When was the last time you updated your music confidence resume?  I daresay you probably don’t have a music confidence resume or may not have heard of one.   Just as your performance resume documents your education and performing experience, your confidence resume documents your musical performance successes and lists all the reasons why you should be a confident musician.

Your music confidence resume will differ from your music performance resume in one very important way—its use.  Your music performance resume is for others to learn about you and assess your experience.  Your music confidence resume is for you to affirm yourself and reinforce your own strengths.  A director or conductor may glance at your performance resume once and file it, but once you make your confidence resume, you will want to refer to it often, even post it in a prominent place.

What’s on a musical confidence resume?  Your resume will be a list of “I statements” that can answer the following questions:

  • What are the strongest parts of your performing? (e.g., I am a very expressive performer.)
  • How would you describe your skills to others if you were speaking most positively? (e.g., I have a really good tone quality., I am a very good sightreader.)
  • What can you say about your training that gives you confidence? (e.g., I have had very good teachers whom I trust.)
  • What can you say about your commitment to or work ethic in music? (e.g., I have been very diligent in my preparation and practice.)
  • How are others supportive of your music that helps you feel confident? (e.g., I have been selected by first chair or as soloist many times.)
  • What have you accomplished in your performing that makes you most proud? (e.g., I won …, I was selected…)
  • What have others complimented you on in your performing? (e.g., Others have said how much they’ve enjoyed my performances.)

Your music confidence resume can be whatever you want it to be and organized however you would like.   No two are alike—be creative!

Just the act of constructing your music confidence resume will boost your sense of self and will get your eye off of what’s missing in your performances and on the attributes you already possess for success.  The next step is to keep it updated.  You will want to add successes and accomplishments as they occur.

Finally, you will want to print it out, post it in a prominent place, and refer to it often.  Taking your confidence resume backstage with you and referring to it just prior to going on stage is a good way to keep your mind on what will help your performance.

If you struggle with music performance anxiety or just want to take your performances to the next level, get busy!  Make your confidence resume today!

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