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Peak Performance Imagery MP3:              $39.99 + shipping

Taking control of the thoughts and images that race through your mind is paramount to performing at peak levels.  Using guided imagery can enhance your ability to gain this control and can help you take the first steps toward developing a more positive, affirming approach to preparation and performance.

When you order your pre-loaded guided imagery mp3 player, you will have the opportunity to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Allan so that you can work together to fully customize the imagery programs to suit your unique needs.

Each shuffle-type PP MP3 can clip onto your bag or stand, comes complete with earbuds & USB and electric charger, and will contain over the following ten programs with 2 1/2 hours of your own customized imagery & relaxation scripts:

  • Mental Mastery Script
  • Confidence Resume
  • Relaxation Scripts (All four:  Beach, Floating, Forest, & Peaceful Meadow)
  • Affirmations for Self-Esteem
  • Breathing Awareness Meditation
  • Learn a New Skill Meditation
  • Relieve Anxiety Meditation

PP MP3:    $39.99:

Peak Performance Q-Cards:                     $19.99 + shipping

Success isn’t always about getting the right answers, it’s about asking the best questions!

Peak Performance Q-Cards are a series of mental skills reminder cards that you can carry in your backpack, or instrument case or put on your desk, in your locker, or on your stand.  It’s like having a peak performance coach right there with you. 

When closed, the clear jewel case serves as a protective case from which you can view two different reminder cards.  When open, the case serves as a stand for the reminder card you want to view over the course of the day. 

Each set contains twelve 4″ by 6″ cards that target a different peak performance concept to focus on.  One side gives you valuable information on the concept and the other side provides you with the Q’s or questions that help you reflect on your ability to put that skill into practice or make the desired change to improve your performing.

Each set contains 12 cards focusing on one of the following performing issues or mental skills necessary for peak performance:

  • TRUST: letting go of conscious control over correctness
  • ACCEPTANCE! (coming soon)
  • COURAGE! (coming soon)
  • LIMITING BELIEFS! (coming soon)
  • CONFIDENCE! (coming soon)
  • EXPECTATIONS! (coming soon)
  • MOTIVATION! (coming soon)
  • FOCUS! (coming soon)
  • SELF-TALK! (coming soon)

PP Q-Cards:    $19.99/set:

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